This is the project as we created it. The client and I had a couple of planning sessions to define the "must have" elements into the company's history. Then the people in the seminar would come to me to add elements. The blue line represents the history of the company in terms of names, labs and products. The green line represents the benefits in the world and personal statements of "pride" and "gratitude" towards the company. The red line represents the "history of the world". 
This is the board as I started drawing. It was 6m long by 2m tall. 
I was drawing for 2 days. During the breaks of the seminar the participants would come and talk to me. They would help me improve the representation of the company's history and they would also tell me what are they proud about and thankful for. 
Details of "the history of the world" line. 
Details of "the history of the world" line. 
Almost finished! 
The participants would take photos of the wall, or interact with me to improve it. 
This is how it looked like when it was done! 
After a few days, I delivered to the client a digital version of the wall using the corporate colors. 
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