I'm an illustrator, cartoon artist, and graphic facilitator with experience in visual story-telling. I save people from the terror of complicated concepts using simple and fun illustrations.

I never thought I could make a career out of cartoon design! But now it is happening. Since 2012 I've been drawing constantly and I have now co-authored 5 books as an illustrator and participated in several other ones. I also illustrate websites, presentations, articles and I have pleasure doing "graphic facilitation" for seminars and corporate events.

My superpowers include cartoon design, graphic facilitation, storyboard, photography, filmmaking and script writing.

I was born in Pachuca, Mexico. My career includes work in marketing research, advertising, branding, corporate image, film production, and scriptwriting. My professional photography work has been exhibited in Mexico, Belgium, and France.

When I'm not at my drawing table or creating live-illustrations in events, I fight the forces of evil as an executive coach, consultant and trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming under the identity of Akrobatas.

I'm passionate about photography, dancing, and public speaking. I obtained the first prize at the Toastmasters International Public Speaking Contest of South-West Europe in 2015.

I currently I live in Paris with my wife Susanne, our daughter Luz Carmen,  and our two cats Ronja and Atreju.
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