This project consisted in illustrating a conference about the Enneagram system of personality. My client was Belgian Enneagram specialist Jacques Premont. Together we defined nine animals to create symbols for each of the nine Enneagram personality bases. We also designed 9 main human characters to represent them and also nine mascottes based on the symbols. After that, we defined 3 situations per base to illustrate the emotional centre, the motivation and the "tension" for each base. In the end I did 36 illustrations plus 9 icons. So this project was very ambitious. The drawings have been approved by people from each different base and also by people studying the morphologie of each base. Jacques is now using the illustrations inside of a Prezi to illustrate his conferences. We may develop more illustrations in the future. 
Base #1 is one of the "instinct" bases. Their mission is to "reorder or reorganize" the world. 
People from base #3 find confort on having the love and admiration of the community, therefore they find motivation on being the best on everything they can. 
People from base #4 are also very "emotional" and they live often in the past (nostalgia) or in the future (fantasy) but rarely in the present. 
People from base #5 find pleasure un solitude, in a place where they can dedicate to study and observe without being too involved with the world. 
Since people of base #6 are concerned with security and protection, they will want to be prepared for any possible scenario.
People from base #7 use their mental skills to imagine all the possibilities in every situation and they find pleasure at engaging in as many of those possibilities as they can! They are great to imagine solutions. But it is painful for them to make choices. 
People from base #8 belong to the group of "instinct" bases (8-9-1). Their main concern is with being strong enough to strive in a world full of menaces. 
Because they are concerned with harmony, people from base #9 will try to blend with any kind of group, to the extreme of forgetting what they really want for themselves. 
For each base of the Enneagram we created a character, a mascotte, a symbol and the illustration of 3 different situations. 
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