"Histoires d'empowerment" is a series of 4 pages comics that I created for the IT branch of one of France's largest banks. With the purpose of supporting the transition to a culture of empowerment they provided 6 different "success stories" for me to adapt into comic books. 
They suggested the stories and then I had 1h conversations with them. Out of these interviews I extracted the core points related to empowerment and I proposed a script, and a storyboard. They validated each step. In the end we crafted their own success stories in a way that is easy to communicate and to remember. 
This format is great to acknowledge stories that are part of the collective memory in an organization and to appreciate "what we already do great" with celebration and gratitude. 
Note: In these examples I have changed the text to "placeholder" text in order to preserve the confidentiality of the content embedded in the stories.  But you can appreciate the sequence of images, the composition of the pages and the humor used. 
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