"The Butterfly Effect" is a fable created by "The Cultural Change Company" in Scotland. It tells the story of "Beaver Community Services" and their preparation through a change of corporate culture. 
Everything used to go quite fine for "The Beaver Community Services". 
Until "Oh no!" - Income started to decrease! No more resources! No more subsidies! What is going to happen? 
Mr Beaverbrock, the CEO, abandons the company and accepts a juicy contract with Vulture Outsourcing LTD. 
The Beavers hire a new CEO, Mr. Fox. After an analysis of the situation he offers the Beavers 2 options: 1) To change their corporate culture and become a private business or 2) not change and be absorbed eventually by Vulture Outsourcing LTD. What do you want to do? 
The Beavers accept the challenge to change. Enter Mr Butterfly the consultant! Do you want to create your circle of success? Aye! 
Together they work on their Passion, Vision, Mission, Ambition and Role. Now they are more clear on what they want to do, how to do it, and balancing their sense of purpose and the needs to make it happen. 
Of course it doesn't help to be in a CRASH state! 
It is much better to be in a COACH state! 
With the help of Mr Butterfly, the Beavers create a vision of how they want to be in the future. 
Mr. Butterfly also presents different models of culture change and how to make it happen. 
Putting together the circle of success and their sense of purpose and vision of the future they create "The Beaver Way" or the guidelines for the company's corporate culture. 
Hurray! The company starts making profit again! They are now cultural change champions! And the Vultures go away. 
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